From 2009 to 2013 I worked as software engineer, lead software architect at Abril in the team that built this platform, we were a team of approximately 40 software engineers.

Abril Mídia is one of the largest media companies in Brazil. In 2011 it published 52 titles and is a leader in 22 out of 26 segments in which it operates. In the digital world, the big challenge Abril faces is deliver a large volume of information that it generates in a high diversity of digital channels, such as websites, mobile sites and TVs. The chosen solution was the building of a distributed platform, named Alexandria, that allows the content to be added and handled by separated information domains, implemented with REST constraints and with a hypermedia API, that is exposed to publishers and end users.

The result of this work became a paper published by Springer in the book "Rest: Advanced Research Topics and Practical Applications" and it was written by Luiz Rocha and me.

I spoke in QCon Conference São Paulo in 2012 about all the technical aspects of Alexandria, you can find links to slides and talk below (in Portuguese).

Read paper QCon talk video

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