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Generated API reference website

Sometimes not a really good API documentation or playground is enough to understand and grow adoption of a platform. To help developers to cope very easily with an API, providing integration code in the language they are familiar is a good way to drive a faster adoption, because it will be clear how to use that API on code and not simply a bunch of isolated requests and responses.

Rosetta Code is an website that allow you to udnerstand the differences of algorithm implementations in several languages. Inspired on that, API Rosetta Code goal is to allow developers to have certain use cases of the API implemented in several languages and libraries.

By simply following a directory organization and running a generator, you can have a website with all the samples built by your software engineers or by the community. To launch this experiment on Twitter I organized 3 coding dojos to estimulate contributions from the developer community in Brazil. The experience was really good, but project didn't take off for other reasons.

If you want to know how it works to use in your platform ecosystem, take a look on the links below:

Check website Github

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