Luis Cipriani

Project: Pinboogle

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When bootstrapping Nestpick in 2016, I decided to work on a web scraping and search playground so I could learn and prototype the features that we would be adding to the product later. Nestpick is an apartment mid-term rental aggregator that allow users to search on several providers at once. The technical solution relies on scraping these partners via API or web and indexing this data on a search engine component.

I partnered again with Luiz Rocha, a long time friend, to build this playground using Scrapy and Solr.

The code is available at Github

The project is structured in X parts:

  • Web scraper that fetches the content of all bookmarked links in, using Scrapy.
  • Index that is stored in Solr search engine
  • A search frontend built in python Flask framework that work as a Solr client.

The project README shows you how to setup it yourself so feel free to use it in case you need to play around search engines and web scraping.