Luis Cipriani

Twitter Fabric evangelism and sample projects

1 min

From 2013 to 2015 I worked at Twitter as a developer advocate in the International developer relations team, presenting Twitter platforms to developers in Latin America and the rest of the world. One of these platforms was Fabric, a mobile platform with several solutions to speed up mobile development and that was later acquired by Google and merged with Firebase.

Twitter Flock event in Seoul, South Korea

Beyond doing talks in several events, I also built some sample projects that were used as canonical examples of the platform or simply to show off the platform capabilities.

Live Event Android App

A sample Android Live Event app using Fabric to help your participants to follow what's happening around an event at Twitter.

Source code available in Github.

Cannonball Android App

In October 2014 Twitter launched Fabric, a platform for mobile developers that provides several tools to improve their mobile apps. To showcase the tools this platform provided we built Cannonball demo app, a word game similar to magnetic poetry, in which the user can create poems, share with friends, see the popular ones all using the platform features such as: digits, social login, twitter kit, mopub, crashlytics and answers.

Source code available in Github.