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I'm Luis Cipriani, computer scientist, currently director of software engineering at Rocket Internet in Berlin. Previously at Twitter, media companies and startups.

This is a collection of some interesting projects I built and articles I wrote in the past
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Tweet Jukebox

A Tweet jukebox and Twitter bot built with Raspberry Pi, nodejs, Mopidy music server.

code IoT twitter music nodejs

Punkt Segmenter

Ruby port of the NLTK Punkt sentence segmentation algorithm.

code nlp ruby

A System of systems to Publish Digital Content

Alexandria is a microservice architecure built to empower content publishing at Abril, a media company in Brazil.

architecture api ruby java

Detecting World Cup goals in real time

Open source code and tutorial showing how I built a goal detector using Twitter, Raspberry Pi and little bit of math.

code tutorial IoT twitter ruby python

Cannonball Android App

Demo Android mobile app built to show what Twitter mobile platform provides. Open source code and tutorial available.

code tutorial mobile twitter java

Sign in with Twitter Sample & Tutorial

Educational demo of Sign in with Twitter implemented in ruby and a complementary blog post at Twitter Developers blog.

code tutorial twitter ruby security

HTTP API security guide

Talk with a guide for concerned developers about HTTP API available authentication mechanisms. Presented at QCon São Paulo.

tutorial api security