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I'm Luis Cipriani and this is a collection of some interesting computer science projects I built and articles I wrote in the past.

Tweet Jukebox

A Tweet jukebox and Twitter bot built with Raspberry Pi, nodejs, Mopidy music server.

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A System of systems to Publish Digital Content

Alexandria is a microservice architecture built to empower content publishing at Abril, a media company in Brazil.

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Fearless HTTP requests abuse

A series of talks and tutorials about Web Caching and HTTP

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Detecting World Cup goals in real time

Open source code and tutorial showing how I built a goal detector using Twitter, Raspberry Pi and little bit of math.

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A search playground with Pinboard web scraping and Solr search engine deployed on docker containers.

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Fabric mobile platform evangelism

Some of the talks in conferences in Brazil when as developer advocate at Twitter

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Cannonball Android App

Demo Android mobile app built to show what Twitter mobile platform provides. Open source code and tutorial available.

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Punkt Segmenter

Ruby port of the NLTK Punkt sentence segmentation algorithm.

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Article: Cross platform productivity with Terminal

If you work with multiple OSs simultaneously, this article may interest you.

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Sign in with Twitter Sample & Tutorial

Educational demo of Sign in with Twitter implemented in ruby and a complementary blog post at Twitter Developers blog.

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HTTP API security guide

Talk with a guide for concerned developers about HTTP API available authentication mechanisms. Presented at QCon São Paulo.

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Twitter Bot for Campus Party Brazil

Bot that helps you to choose an event at Campus Party in Brazil (in Portuguese).

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Live Event Android App

A sample Android Live Event app using Fabric to help your participants to follow what's happening.

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Methodize ruby gem

Module to read from and write to the keys of a ruby Hash using methods.

code ruby library

Tracking real time click events on Home pages

Slides for a project that tracks real time click events on Home Pages

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Explaining Semantic Web

Talk given about Semantic Web at Abril and my unfinished Masters subject of study

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API Rosetta Code

Inspired by Rosetta Code, this repository is a community-powered collection of standalone samples of Twitter API resources

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Dev in Sampa

A co-organized and alternative technical event done in São Paulo, Brazil, from 2009 to 2013.

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Twitter Real TIme Voting

Code that shows how to capture votes in real time using Twitter Streaming API. Presented as workshop at QCon São Paulo 2014.

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It's a generator of simple, searchable, shareable, modular command-line cheatsheets.

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Introduction to HBase talk

This talk was given at Abril before we decided to adopt it for Alexandria Platform social core. Talk was repeated later at Ruby and Perl meetups.

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My old Tumblr blog

You can find old blog posts about XMPP, extracting public data and other tools.

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Tall Eye website

Yes, the good and old self-reference. You can check the source code of this website on Github.

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